2016 Puttaparthi - Memories of your Divine Spine Straightening

Divine Straightening London - Wembley 2017

Divine Spine Healing and Alignment Days in Aligarh

Lecture at Chandra´s Sai Dham in London Wembley, 22. July 2017. Part 3 - The Spiritual Alchemy.

Spiritual Spine Straightening Lecture 1 in Puttaparthi

Bajans at Chandra´s Sai Dham in London Wembley, 22. July 2017


- Anne Hübner -

Spiritual Spine Healer for over 20 Years

First School for the Original “Spiritual Spine Alignment Energy”
Worldwide, the most effective healing for every form of disorder

Spiritual alchemist and spiritual dentist. All-encompassing removal of negative rays of all kinds - removal of
heavy metals - release from spells, possessions, curses, damnations, psychic vampires, addictions and much more...
Our technology contaminates and hyperacidifies our entire organism. Neuropathy is one of the side effects. It has been proven: Radiation causes illness!
What are you waiting for? 
Allow me to neutralize your house, home, workplace, cell phone, car -  absolutely everything in your surroundings

The phenomenal natural healing abilities of the radiesthesist and spiritual alchemist, Anne Hübner can be your salvation!

Experience God's healing physics in the form of phenomenal natural healing that manifests itself through me!


Anne Haus

Exposure to rays is on the rise!

The detrimental effects of earth rays and electro smog are common knowledge. They are an invisible and destructive toxin. Radiation levels harm the nervous system, the metabolism and acidify the body. The result can be acute bone demineralization (alarmingly so in young people!). The nighttime exposure to radiation has been verifiably measured in cancer patients. Microwaves destroy the energy in our food, causing us to starve in front of a laden plate. Destructive computer and cell phone rays are also cause for the ever-increasing number of allergies and autoimmune diseases. The rays destroy the blood brain barrier, allowing negative matter to enter the bloodstream and hinder millions of cells in their cell division, causing deterioration (cancer). The cells feel threatened and, as a survival reflex, react with an increase in growth (tumor). Avoid wind turbines, for they are attributed with a destructive atmospheric turbulence. It is not difficult to imagine how, within a radius of 10 km and beyond, the constant stress from turbulence and the flashing spotlights can lead to tinnitus, intraocular pressure, impaired vision, headaches, problems with swallowing, allergies, muscle stiffness, arrhythmia, and much more. It is appalling to see the lack of sensitivity the wind industry employs in choosing locations for



Spine Healing!

Today’s most common diseases are: Back pain, lumbago, misaligned neck, muscle tension, etc.
According to my experience, the cause is the so-called „shifted pelvis“! The shift in the sacroiliac joint may cause the following disorders:

Orthopaedic information on the „shifted pelvis“:


Anne Weltkugel

  • Differing leg lengths,
  • curved spine, 
  • tense muscles in the back
  • lumbago, sciatica,
  • cervical, dorsal and lumbar vertebral syndrome,
  • prolapsed intervertebral disc,
  • lordosis,
  • slipped vertebrae,
  • groin pain,
  • arthritis of the knees and pelvis,
  • bone degeneration,
  • osteoporosis,
  • gouty hands,
  • disturbance of the blood supply,
  • impaired vision, tinnitus, headaches, 
  • cardiac muscle debility,
  • concentration problems,
  • disturbance in sensitivity
  • renal congestion,
  • spastic problems, 
  • muscular atrophy,
  • high blood pressure,
  • circulation problems, 
  • cardiac arrhythmia,
  • thrombosis,
  • immunodeficiency,
  • nervous disorders,
  • vertigo,
  • impotence, 
  • skin diseases, 
  • pituitary disorders
  • bad position of the teeth, 
  • lymphatic congestion,
  • infertility, etc. 


Let us help you!

The sooner the correction is made, the better the chance to avoid disease in the

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Dear seekers of help,
Thank you for your interest in our beneficial work!

You are right to look for healing by the Spiritual Straightening. We can help with any disease because it heals the causal blockages. Therefore it is not necessary for us, which special illnesses you have. This healing power is all-embracing! The straightening of the body is just the first step, but we can also help with the rest of physical, psychical and spiritual problems from humans and animals at all ages. Therefore, we could help a lot of people to avoid an operation.

We repeatedly receive feedback from people about successful healings, even from the severely ill, that took place just because they imagined that they were treated by our team. This is an evidence for us that the energetic support takes effect immediately even if your mail has not been answered yet. When dealing with miracles one can assume that every one of you who turned toward us for assistance followed our “divine guidance”. Nothing in life happens “by chance”. It was therefore not a “coincidence” that you saw a television show about the "Spiritual Straightening", that you heard about our beneficial work through some relatives or that you read about it somewhere. Everything is the fulfilment of the “Divine Plan” and so the right things come to you at the right time.
Take advantage of this opportunity right away!

To all of those who requested our help or training - please let us point out again that for every single one of you – regardless of your symptoms, the severity of your illness, whether you have been operated or been pronounced incurable by conventional medicine – the straightening of the body and the spine has to be the first step in your healing process. The creation of the “Divine Order” is the prerequisite and the foundation for any healing and also the first step on your way to become a healer yourself. Where the intelligent spirit visibly manifests its miracle, all causative blockages that brought about the symptoms of the illness are removed. Once this has taken place the innate body intelligence is able to do its healing work. The pelvic alignment with its resulting permanent equalization of the leg lengths allows the spine to fully straighten. All this takes place without any physical contact and is in fact not a technique or method devised by humans. It is clearly a proof that the spirit can heal and therefore it is the most important help for complaints of any kind. The creation of the “Divine Order” of course also helps with mental problems and emotional sufferings. In these areas in particular you can count on far reaching changes because everything is regulated by the spiritual power through the central nervous system located in the spine. Healing on all levels of being!
Our healing work is all-encompassing! There is no illness that cannot be healed! As a rule a single encounter with our healing team is sufficient. You can make a request for our printed brochure (we need your address for post sending), which describes in detail what the creation of the “Divine Order” is all about!

We are coming to London in July!
Center for Spiritual Healing - Divine Spine Straightening
Anne Hübner and Tanja Aeckersberg
Healing Days in London-Wembley 2017
are 21st to 23rd July 2017
Big marquee
in 105 Chaplin Rd
Wembley, HA0 4UN
Registration: Prashant Prasad
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Spine Healing!
Today’s most common diseases are:
Back pain, lumbago, misaligned neck, muscle tension, etc.
According to my experience, the cause is the so-called "shifted pelvis“!
The shift in the illiosakral joint may cause the following disorders:
Orthopaedic information on the "shifted pelvis":


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  • Differing leg lengths
  • curved spine
  • tense muscles in the back
  • lumbago, sciatica
  • cervical, dorsal and lumbar vertebral syndrome
  • prolapsed intervertebral disc
  • lordosis
  • slipped discs
  • groin pain
  • arthritis in the knees and pelvis
  • bone degeneration
  • osteoporosis
  • gout hands
  • disturbance of the blood supply
  • impaired vision
  • tinnitus, headache,
  • cardiac muscle debility
  • concentration problems
  • disturbance in sensitivity
  • renal congestion
  • spastic problems
  • muscular atrophy
  • high blood pressure
  • circulation problems
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • thrombosis
  • immunodeficiency
  • nervous disorders
  • vertigo, impotence
  • skin diseases
  • pituitary disorders
  • bad position of the teeth
  • lymphatic congestion
  • infertility, etc.
Let us help you! The sooner the correction is made, the better the chance to avoid disease in the

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