Worldwide first healing centre and school for
„spiritual spine-straightening“!

Anne Hübner and Tanja Aeckersberg

Successful for over 30 years!
„First healer“, who initiates an all complaints including healing impulse in you through her

Lay your health in my experienced hands!

(over 100.000 success stories, even a letter of appreciation from the Minister of Health)
Experience the healing physics of God, which manifests through me. Witness these miracles yourself! Then learn them from me!

My divine gifts:
healing mediality – clearvoyant – spiritual alchemist-dentist – spiritual surgeon – organ retransplant surgeon – after life healer – occupation detachment of addictions and magic – removal of childhood-blockades and traumata – realignment – inventor of the NEW energy medicine – natural healer for radiation transformation – approved teacher of spiritual healing with over ten thousand of trained healers in Germany alone…

Experience the healing physics of God, revealed to humanity by me!

It is no „coincidence“, if you hear about me now!
It is God’s will, that You shall experience my worldwide unique healing work!
Come to my healing treatments – no matter what bothers you.
You don’t have to suffer any longer! Expect the best!

Together we can eliminate the known causes of widespread diseases!
With me you will witness a phenomenal natural healing, executed without touch, which has already led to directly visible healing for thousands of people, in a way never thought humanly possible before!
And these successes carry on daily!
With my knowledge about healing, I have gone beyond all so far practiced healing methods. What physicists are now starting to surmise, has been reality for me for a long time, a reality which is being unstoppably revealed to humanity!

There is no other healing aid where you experience the healing effect as quickly and efficiently!


Everything is connected to the spine!
You have been tormented by illnesses long enough!
I, Anne, have specialized in the overall healing of the spine.
Even the smallest displacement of the vertebras caused by a pelvic obliquity and emotional-mental conflicts, can cause the „central nervous system“, which is located in the spinal cord, to be bruised and thus send wrong impulses to the organs nearby.

That is how most illnesses arise!

No matter which symptoms you have, how severe your illness is, if you have undergone surgery or if you are even beyond treatment, whether organs have been removed, if you are accident damaged, with artificial hips, knees, slipped discs and much more – „the straightening of the spine with a correction of pelvic obliquity and a leg length compensationis Your only salvation“!

All kinds of blockades which lead to illness will be found and resolved by me!
I help everybody immediately with only one treatment! After your spine-straightening, the healing of all levels of your being will be initiated. Physical, spiritual and emotional imbalances are resolved, and healing can take place without hindrance.

Very important:
Bring along Your children, grandparents, uncles and aunts!


Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB)


All of them need my help!

Book: Spiritual Spine Straightening – Miracles are possible!

Spine distortions, spinal disc herniation, a shifted pelvis and scoliosis, are curable!






Center for Spiritual Healing


Our healing work in Mauritius 2023 – Interview on GRF Web TV


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